Stardust Coffee

Living in Winter Park (Orlando) Florida there are a few establishments that one might frequent. One of my favorites is Stardust Coffee. Stardust is a very eclectic and interesting place to go. The walls covered in artwork, every inch revealing some secret forgotten note, letter, or photograph. One of the rooms at Stardust houses a small stage only six or seven feet across on top of which is an upright piano missing all the tops of the black keys,surrounded by walls decorated by long red streamers hanging from the ceiling. Another equally interesting room (largest of the three) has a Bar,Photobooth, larger stage, wall of DVD’s, and small nook-like areas where people can sit and do work.

Stardust Coffee also serves food ranging from sandwiches & vegan entre, to a delicious and interesting brunch menu served on Sundays. The employees are as friendly as they come for the most part, and give it a very welcoming feel. One of my favorite things about Stardust is the fact that you never feel pressured to leave after having spent a few hours there. As a matter of fact you could spend the entire day from Open to Close atStardust and no one would think it odd of you to do so. Your also free there to do just about whatever you please. I often bring my guitar when with friends and lounge at one of the tables playing, or singing without fear of disrupting anyone.

One of the more interesting things about Stardust is the ragtag group of people who preside there. I can speak openly, and with an observable tone about them because I am not one of them. They are bound together by a culture as tumultuous as any subculture I’ve ever encountered. To give them a name, or category would, in their eyes I’m sure, be insulting them so I will refrain. But I erge you to go and experience what I’m talking about. (Those of my friends currently residing in Philadelphia may know what I mean if I compare them to those who frequent Last Drop Coffee, or South Street. Or the Single Speed culture that I’ve refered to in the past) But let me just clarify that it is NOT my intention to speak of them like onewould have a sub-human culture. They are not. They are simply not the suite and tie people you might find working in a hundred story building, or the typical Floridian walking around like a Polo model.

Stardust is one of the more interesting, and fun places to spend the day, and if anyone plans on visiting Orlando I strongly recommend you stop by.

Here are some photographs taken on my Hasselblad 500C/M of Stardust.


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